Jeff Townrow Quality Seed Grading Service can assist you with your presowing as well as your harvest needs with two high capacity, state of the art seed graders for your seed grading and cleaning needs. We also have a grain screener to reduce high screenings and admixtures levels at harvest so you get a better return from your crop.


Features of our Seed Graders:

  • fully self contained contained 75kva 3 phase gen sets
  • a high capacity de-awner designed to clip awns, whiteheads or tails as well as break up pods in lentils and pulse crops without damaging grain
  • a high capacity (up to 30 tonnes per hour of Wheat) Westrup flat bed screener which includes a pre-aspiration leg of air removing dust and light material, a scalping deck to remove large and long admixture (metal, straw, stones, unthrashed heads etc), sieving decks to remove fine, small grain or seeds and a tail aspiration of air
  • four indent cylinders which separate short grain from longer impurities which can be adjusted to remove low percentages of Barley from Wheat seed, remove Wild Oats and straw from Wheat or Barley as well as Wheat and Barley from longer varieties of Oats
  • final adjustable air aspiration takes place before clean seed is weighed each machine can apply up to 7 litres of seed treatment per tonne of clean seed (comprising of up to 3 compatible flowable seed treatments) with a high level of accuracy applied with a NoroGard Seed Treater up to 25 tonnes per hour in Wheat
  • each machine is equipped with an intake auger, seconds auger and out loading belt

As good as our machine is, we cannot remove 100% of foreign material from the desired seed sample and there will always be a small percentage of good grain sacrificed to ensure the best sample.


Typical Seed Grading and Treating capacities are as follows:

Wheat: 18-22 tonnes per hour


Faba Beans: 16-20 tonnes per hour

Barley: 14-22 tonnes per hour


Peas/Lupins: 14-20 tonnes per hour

Oats: 8-16 tonnes per hour


Canola: 10-12 tonnes per hour


Features of our Grain Screener:

  • intake auger and seconds auger
  • adjustable air aspiration to remove dust, husks and other light materials
  • two sets of six round screens of various size depending on screening or scalping allowing dirt or small grain to fall through the selected screens and larger material such as straw, stones or large grain to float over the screens
Grain Screening capacities are dependent on levels of screenings and admixtures.

The capacity can range from 15 tonnes per hour to 30 tonnes per hour depending on the sample.

At least one auger will be needed to move screened grain.

Our screener is designed to economically remove high levels of screenings after grain has been harvested.

To achieve an ideal seed sample, indents are required.